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Shirlee Green Preschool


This summer at Camp Micah our theme is Disney! We will be exploring animals, toys, super heroes, foods, gardening, science, space, and transportation all through the help of some of our favorite Disney movies!

Week Theme Movie
Week 1 Tza’ar Ba’alei Chayim (Kindness to Animals) The Jungle Book
Week 2 Berachot (Blessings) Toy Story
Week 3 Tikun Olam (Repairing the World) A Bug’s Life
Week 4 Shalom (Peace) Finding Dory
Week 5 Kavod (Honor) The Incredibles
Week 6 Sever Panim Yafot (Being Pleasant) Up
Week 7 Ha’achalot Re’evim (Feeding the Hungry) Ratatouille
Week 8 Bal Tashchit (Not Destroying) Flubber
Week 9 Tzedakah (Doing Righteous Acts of Charity) James and the Giant Peace
Week 10 Kehillah (Community) Wall-E
Week 11 Rachamim (Feelings) 101 Dalmatians
Week 12 Selichah (Forgiveness) Cars & Planes