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Shirlee Green Preschool


Our Curriculum at Shirlee Green Preschool is enhanced through the framework of Project Construct.  Project Construct is a learner-centered framework; learners construct their knowledge through interactions with the physical and social environments. As constructivist we encourage experiential learning (providing experience) to last a life time.

*SGP’s curriculum is comprised of three key components; theme, middah (singular) and mitzvah (singular).

*The theme is selected pertaining to many aspects of the school year; season, Jewish holidays, universal attitude, etc.  The theme offers educators guidance without stifling their creativity.  It also allows a sense of unity in the perimeter of the preschool.

*The middah is a virtue, value.  The middah is interchanged with our Jewish value from last year due to the Congregation’s involvement with the Tikkun Middot Practice under the guidance of Rabbi Andrea Goldstein.  The term middot refers to a collection of virtures that are intended to provide people with moral guidance for daily living.  Tikkun Middot also implies turning oneself in a positive direction.  It is a spiritual practice designed to help us as individuals, and our Jewish community, embody the highest ideals of the Torah in service of the ultimate perfection of the world.

*The mitzvot are the 613 commandments which are written in the Torah.  Think of a mitzvah as a way in which to better improve oneself and the world around you.  Reform Judaism encourages individuals to deepen their lives through the practice of mitzvot.  Each individual can choose which mitzvoth enhances their lives.

2019-2020 Curriculum